Over the years, we've received comments about the foundation, the Stars & Stripes exhibitions, the lectures around the country, and new Stars & Stripes acquisitions. Below are some examples of videos




Long May She Wave
This video shows how the American flag design evolved as new states joined the Union and new stars were added to the banner.


Stars & Stripes
A video showing how 96 of the nation's leading graphic designers interpreted the American flag. The original flags were designed as a fundraiser for the AIGA.


Martha Stewart
Kit Hinrichs appeared on the Martha Stewart Show to talk about his flag collection.




Long May She Wave
Maine Antique Digest – August 15, 2016

Kit Hinrichs: "Long May She Wave" at Mercer Museum
Graphis Blog – August 8, 2016

Paper Inspiration #202:
Calitho Flag Promotion

PaperSpecs – March 26, 2015

Designer to Discuss Flag
as American Icon

The Frederick News-Post – Sept. 11, 2014

Long May She Wave:
A Patriotic Work of Art

Sierra Food Wine Art – July 4, 2014

Collector's Fascination with Old Glory Leads to Exhibit at Frazier Museum
Courier Journal – March 7, 2014

Exhibit at Frazier Museum Explores American Flag In All Its (Old) Glory
WFPL News 89.3 – March 3, 2014

Museum Exhibit Will Focus on History
of the American Flag

Hays Post – July 21, 2014

Old Glory on Paper: Kit Hinrichs
Talks About Flag Ephemera

Mohawk Connects – July 7, 2010

100 American Flags: A Unique Collection of Old Glory Memorabilia
Silicon Valley's Metro – July 3, 2008

Studio Made for the Stars and Stripes
SFGate – March 14, 2007



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